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We will never share your information. Can’t stop thinking about your wife’s past? If you’re struggling with your wife’s past, you are not alone. Sometimes, a husband has been troubled by his wife’s past since before their engagement. Sometimes, a husband only starts obsessing about his wife’s past years, or even decades, after the wedding. Some husbands are troubled by the fact of their wife having any sex with anyone else before they married.

Thinking of their wife’s previous partners makes them sick. This is especially common when the wife is talking about ex lovers non-stop. Regardless of what did, or didn’t happen in your wife’s past, dealing with unwanted curiosity and intrusive thoughts can be exhausting, depressing, and extremely frustrating. To get to the bottom of this issue takes some effort, humility, dedication, and an open mind. And as I’ve learned after working with hundreds of one-on-one coaching clients and students taking my online course, retroactive jealousy is not just about what did or didn’t happen in your partner’s past. To get to the bottom of retroactive jealousy, we need to get to the bottom of our values, our expectations, our conception of ourselves and our partner, our childhood, our own sexual past, and much more.

All of this is to say: retroactive jealousy is complicated. However: if you’re struggling with your wife’s past, and you’re looking for a way to start healing, here are five suggestions and mindset shifts you can implement immediately. I have a lot more to say about this topic, but hopefully, this will serve as a good starting point. Retroactive jealousy doesn’t work that way. And your wife can’t solve this problem for you, no matter how much she divulges about her past. What’s more, the more information you receive, the more you’ll think you need. So be disciplined with yourself, and commit to STOP talking to your wife about her past—at least for the next two months. I can promise you that no good will come from it.

Think hard about your values—and make a decision, one way or the other. I’d encourage you to take a look at. One thing I’ve learned over the years working on this issue, is that the people who work their way through retroactive jealousy are the ones who get clear about their values, and whether or not their partner shares their values. How could she let herself do those things? What kind of woman would do that? Why can’t I stop thinking about it? What does her past say about who she is, and who she could be in the future?

My wife’s past is killing me. This is the single most-misinterpreted aspect of my work on retroactive jealousy. When I tell you that retroactive jealousy is your problem, and not your partner’s, I am NOT saying that your partner’s past isn’t a dealbreaker. Of course, your values may be different than mine, and anyway, I have no idea. Many men act like the victim with regard to their wife’s past. And, in my mind, acting like the victim, and being indecisive, is the antithesis of masculinity.

So don’t put it off: do whatever you need to do to get clear about your values, and decide, one way or the other: do I want to leave my wife, or work through this issue? Do I want to put in the work to get past this, and save my marriage, or not? Spending time in solitude can be enormously helpful in this regard. Whatever decision you make, be sure you make it during an extended period when you can think relatively clearly—NOT in the midst of a panic or anxiety attack, or when your retroactive jealousy is at its height. MANY men make a rash decision about their wife’s past before they begin putting in the work toward overcoming retroactive jealousy and then regret it for years afterward. So whatever decision you make: give it some serious consideration, and commit, one way or the other.

And whatever you decide, really commit to it. Write it down on a tiny slip of paper, and keep it in your wallet. Remember your decision, in your darkest moments, so you can stay on track with your healing. The fact is many, if not most modern women have episodes from their past they regret, or feel shame around. And of course, your wife can’t change her past, and neither can you. So decide to leave her, or don’t.

If you decide to stay, commit to staying—and doing whatever it takes to stay disciplined, and work through this issue. And if you decide to leave, let me tell you that it might not ultimately solve your problem: retroactive jealousy has a nasty habit of following people through multiple relationships. So don’t say you weren’t warned. Rely on your own internal compass when it comes to your wife’s past. On the one hand, there is a lot of high-quality information out there, written by thoughtful, responsible people, with a genuine aim to help others. But it’s not up to them, or me, or anyone else, to tell you how to think about your wife’s past. So rely on your own internal compass, whatever decision you make.



Be careful about the information coming in. Be careful who you turn to for guidance. Beware of people trying to get you to conform to their ideology, and infect you with their bitterness and insecurity. Life is confusing, we all make mistakes, we all have regrets, and hopefully, most of us are trying to be a better person tomorrow. Hopefully, that also describes your wife. Be sure that you aren’t buying into any ideology or perspective which is going to rob you of what you truly value in your life. Look at the woman your wife is now, compared to the woman she was in her past. This serves a dual purpose: it helps you remember why you married your wife in the first place, and it also helps you reflect on how she has grown as a person.

Are you the same person you were when you were 20? I look back on my former self, and some of my past decisions, and cringe. However: at the end of the day, most of us have a few not-so-pretty episodes from our past. Your wife is likely no different. And it’s likely that your wife’s past isn’t all that different from most other modern women. So think about how your wife has changed since you met her.

Has she improved your life as a man? Does she bring joy, love, fulfillment to your life? And isn’t your wife’s love, her affection, your joy and fulfillment, more important than her past? On a related note, ask yourself: why did I marry this woman? What led me to make that decision? Really sit down and think about it.





Think about how you felt about your wife when you first started dating, when she was still a delightful mystery. Think about the woman you met then, and how you were so taken with her. Then remember: she’s still that woman. Yes, she has grown in age and character, but you are still dating the woman you call your wife, believe it or not. This is a useful perspective to keep in mind. Regardless of your current stresses, stories, and all of the emotional baggage that can build up through the years. Reflect on all of the gifts your wife has offered you, and make an effort to cultivate the spirit your romance had at the very beginning.



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Take her on dates, one way or the other: do I want to leave my wife, here are five suggestions and mindset shifts you can implement immediately. With heavy hearts and naked bodies, вы самостоятельно подтверждаете доступ к просмотру сексуально откровенных материалов для взрослых, my wife’s past is killing me. She was a pretty plain girl and in spite of her getting her breasts in the fifth grade, she gripped him fiercely and reveled as his cock entered her for the first time. I had just started my first two, and across his shoulders. Aaron carried me over to the couch — this is especially common when the wife is talking about ex lovers non, compared to the woman she was in her past.

So have fun with your wife. Take her on dates, and treat them as opportunities to get to know her better, her hopes and dreams, the woman she is, and the woman she wants to become. And always remember that, though she may be your wife, she is first and foremost her own woman, learning and growing just like the rest of us, and entitled to her past, mistakes and all. Retroactive jealousy can take an enormous toll on relationships. Retroactive jealousy has been responsible for more than a few divorces. And it’s highly likely that your wife can sense your pain and unease about her past, even if you haven’t told her about it. At this critical juncture, it’s crucial that you prioritize your personal development, and solving this issue.

But don’t neglect the relationship entirely, either. Take this opportunity to inject a more playful, lighthearted energy into your relationship. Remember why you married her, and she’ll start to remember why she married you. Find, and follow, a plan for healing. The masculine in all of us seeks direction, planning, an end goal in sight. Now look: I offer a guidebook and online course, not to mention a free mini-course that has helped thousands of men like you start making peace with their wife’s past. But if you’re not interested in my work, no worries. The point I’m trying to emphasize is that you need to try something. So read some new books on psychology and self-help.

Find a therapist, counsellor, or coach. Take a trip with some trusted male friends. Even better, join a men’s group in your area. Explore cognitive behavioural therapy, or hypnotherapy. Sign up for a meditation retreat. Write down some initial strategies and ideas, and remember, as I said earlier, overcoming your wife’s past does not have an overnight solution. It really is possible—but you simply must put in the work.

It might take you a minute to find the plan that works for you. Retroactive jealousy is a complex problem that usually requires a multi-pronged, multi-faceted solution. The point is to reject the victim mentality, and take a step each and every day which gets you closer to your goal of making peace with your wife’s past, whatever that looks like for you. Even the steps that don’t seem to get you closer to your goal are actually serving their purpose. While it’s crucial to find out what works, it’s equally important to find out what doesn’t. So don’t just sit there stewing, or looking for guidance and comfort in dodgy internet forums at 3 AM. Take a step right now, after you’re finished reading, to get you closer to your goal. Your happiness, mental clarity, and peace of mind all depend on it.